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We travel the world’s most interesting destinations while supporting local communities and leaving minimal footprint on the environment

Jon and Janna standing in the middle of a rock pool surrounded by rainforestJon and Janna standing in the middle of a rock pool surrounded by rainforest

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Travel responsibly

Travelling responsibly requires you to actively consider the impact you're having on local communities and the environment while travelling.

Plant-based eating

We look for the best vegan or (when required) vegetarian restaurants, cafes and food stores available. Some countries have loads of options, while others... not so much!

Green stays

We've stayed at some of the best sustainable accommodation options around the world that we recommend when planning your next trip.

Travel products

There are choices we can make when choosing our travel products that will minimise the impact we have on the environment.

 Janna and Jon holding a palm frond in front of their faces

About us

We are digital content creators and storytellers. We are conscious travellers and plant-based eaters.

Who is Janna? I'm an experienced traveller who is fluent in four languages. I'm a professional photographer and experienced social media content creator.

Who is Jon? I've left the corporate world behind to become a digital nomad who writes and works in digital marketing.

Together we travel the world and share our experiences with you.

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