Green Stays

An important part of responsible travel is the accommodation you choose to stay in when planning your trip. Sustainable options include camping, glamping, treehouses, local hosts, eco-resorts and green hotels. Here you will find some of the best options around the world that we have stayed in while travelling.

Jon sitting on the end of a bed with Janna lying down next to him on the bed with her head on his lap inside a large tent with wooden flooring.

Five reasons why you should choose green stays

Whenever possible, green stays should be your choice when travelling. Here are five of the best reasons to choose green stays when planning your next trip:

1. Conserves the local environment.
2. Reduces the impact on climate change.
3. Lower costs to operate (so lower cost to stay there).
4. Reduces the amount of waste produced by the tourism industry.
5. Avoids toxic substances which could negatively affect your health.

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