Papaseea Sliding Rocks: a natural waterpark

January 12, 2024
December 22, 2023

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Are you looking for a unique outdoor experience that combines adventure with natural beauty? Look no further than Papaseea Sliding Rocks in Samoa.

In this article, we will share our experience playing and cooling down amongst the waterfalls and rock pools. By the end of this article, we hope you'll be inspired to visit Samoa to enjoy this natural wonder!

What are the Papaseea Sliding Rocks?

Papaseea Sliding Rocks are a natural attraction located in Samoa. They are a series of smooth rocks that form natural waterslides. Visitors can slide down the rocks and cool off in the refreshing water below, making it a popular destination for both locals and tourists looking for some outdoor fun.

Two young girls are standing on a tree trunk on the edge of the main rock pool at Papaseea Slding Rocks near Apia in Samoa.

How to get to the Papaseea Sliding Rocks

Papaseea Sliding Rocks are located at Se'ese'e in the Faleata District of Apia. You can get there in about 15 minutes when travelling by car.

Note it’s worth asking locals first whether there’s been enough rain to make it worth going there. We heard it had been closed the week before and double checked at the Visitor Information Fale in Apia that it was still open before deciding to make the trip there.

We walked to the bus station at Fugalei Market in Apia and asked the locals which bus would be going past Papaseea Sliding Rocks. After checking with a few busies, we eventually found one and the driver invited us to sit on the front seat.

A composite image looking out of the window of a local bus and the bus driver giving us the thumbs up on the way to Papaseea Sliding Rocks near Apia in Samoa.

After about ten minutes on the bus, we were dropped off at a stop on Papaseea Road. The driver explained that no buses go straight to Papaseea Sliding Rocks and gave us directions on how to get there on foot.

A friendly local who had got off at the same bus stop also walked with us to make sure we didn’t get lost!

We walked up Mauga Folau Road for 200 metres and then took the turn off for Papaseea Sliding Rocks on the right. It was then about a 30-minute walk up the mountain to where Papaseea Sliding Rocks are located.

You will see signage on your left indicating you’ve arrived.

Entrance fee to the Papaseea Sliding Rocks

Someone from the house on the right when you enter the grounds will come out to take the entrance fee from you of 5 WST per person. There is a car park if you’re driving in from Apia (which takes about 15 minutes).

There are apparently a change room and toilets here too, although we didn’t notice them.

Our experience at the Papaseea Sliding Rocks

There is an information board and an entrance sign next to it. Enter here and there are a series of fairly steep steps to traverse down until you reach a sheltered area where you can leave your belongings.

Surveying the scene, you can see a series of waterfalls and rock pools surrounded by jungle below you.

To the right is a higher waterfall with a shallow rock pool. This is a good place just to relax in the cool water.

A local girl standing on the steep stairs leading down and the higher waterfall and rock pool at Papaseea Sliding Rocks near Apia in Samoa.

The next one below is the largest waterfall and the best one for adults to slide down into the rock pool below, called Le Telesa's Pool. Further down Papaseea Stream are a few smaller rock pools as well.

We made our way over to this waterfall to slide down from the sheltered area. There isn't a set path, or anything to help guide you like a rope or fence. You need to be careful not to fall over on the slippery rocks.

We were also lucky to have a local in the pool to direct us as it’s a bit hard to see from above where the best place to slide down is. We had to slide down a little to the right to avoid the rock shelf that was jutting out.

A composite image showing Jon standing in front of Le Telesa's Pool after sliding down and some kids at the top of the waterfall ready to slide down at Papaseea Sliding Rocks near Apia in Samoa.

We were surprised how quickly we slid down the rocks and straight down into the rock pool. It was very exhilarating! However, it hadn’t rained much recently so there wasn’t as much water as there could be and Janna bruised her bum while sliding down.

It’s definitely important to have some guidance from someone who knows the area. If there’s no-one there, we recommend going down and checking out the rock pool and direction of the water from below before attempting it yourself!

A composite image showing a young local girl and some other children jumping into Le Telesa's Pool at Papaseea Sliding Rocks near Apia in Samoa.

We then made our way to the next series of rock pools. There seemed to be enough water to attempt the first one, so Jon carefully slid down and made sure to go feet first. It was fine for the most part but there was a rock that hit him on the bum as he landed.

As we were both feeling a bit sore, we decided to leave the other lower rock pools to the kids and head over to the first one. This one was a great one to chill out in and enjoy the refreshing water and jungle views behind it.

A composite image showing Papaseea Stream leading down to the lower rock pools and a girl sliding into Le Telesa's Pool at Papaseea Sliding Rocks near Apia in Samoa.

Leaving the Papaseea Sliding Rocks

With some reluctance, we decided it was time to head back to town. We started walking back to the main road, hoping to see a bus or taxi. It was definitely easier walking down!

After a while though, some locals we’d been speaking to in the rock pools drove by and stopped. They insisted on giving us a lift into town, even though their small car was already full of all the family members - dad and his four kids.

Three of the kids jumped into the boot of the car so we could fit in. It was a great example of the Samoan hospitality in action!

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